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2019 Chinese 70th Anniversary Celebration In Beijing Tian'an Men Square

On both sides of the viewing platform, the structure was portable stage style. The stage surface material was made of fireproof carpet and fireproof board. All stages passed the stress analysis and load-bearing tests. It was inspected by Jiangsu Province Police before delivery. After the celebration, only took 30 minutes to dismantle the 2000 stages. Really efficient, convenient and safe.
The parade project team has strict requirements on product quality and safety. After multiple selections, we was determined finally. Our engineers and project teams discussed the product production details and safety issues for several time before production to make sure we would provide the perfect product.

The Colorful Yunnan Province float is another honored product. Shizhan’s engineering department had several stress tests before production. The ivory part is two arch structures with an arc of 180°. There are 30 round combinations at each end. The diameter difference of the head and tail circle is more than one meter, production process is very difficult.
The highest stage column height is close to three meters, the upper end of the circular stage directly reaches 1.5 meters, which is very high requirements for the welding process, we had several structural analysis for safety reasons before delivered product to customer.

This military parade carries a comprehensive display of China's 70 years of national defense achievements, military parade team has high requirements on products. In order to supply the perfect product for celebration, we reported the progress to customer regularly during the whole production process.
Shizhan Group was responsible for the viewing platform on the two sides of the parade, the podium, the stage on the tower and the colorful Yunnan float project. Among them, the colorful Yunnan float was awarded the “Glory Award”.


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